Contains the antibacterial agent CPC and offers a deep feeling of cleanliness in the mouth
The two components of Dentyl pH are activated by agitation and cause an electrostatic reaction which attracts and absorbs bacteria and food debris that cause bad breath and plaque.
Proven to combat the phenomenon of “morning breathing” and severe cases of bad breath.
Use twice daily.
Do not dilute it.
It does not contain alcohol
Recommended by dentists
It does not sting & has a wonderful taste.
The 2-phase active ingredients are unique and are covered by a patent.
See in the sink what he removed as proof that it works.
In a package of 500 ml

Barcode : 5033450000103

REFRESH GLOVE flavored DENTYL is the only two-phase oral solution that is activated by agitation. This unique composition removes bacteria and food debris that can cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis

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