Is your favorite black garment faded and filled with knots that make it look old and worn? Relax! The new BLACK REFRESH DR.BECKMANN restores black and fibers with the innovative color and fiber care formula. Restores and protects black fabrics as they are washed, so you can have a bold and soft new look with minimal effort.

The special formula, with real high quality black color, binds to the fabric during washing – for clothes without fading. At the same time, special care enzymes soften damaged fibers to prevent their accumulation (knots). Just add a sheet to the regular wash cycle to enjoy a deep black color that lasts.


Instructions for use

Fill the washing machine with the black clothes you would like to restore their color and add the detergent as usual.

Place the sheet in your washing machine and start the desired wash cycle. For long-term preservation of the color, regularly use 1 sheet per wash. For intensive color renewal use up to 3 sheets. Remove the leaves at the end of the wash and dispose of in normal waste. After heavy use, perform a laundry-free wash at 40 ° C.

Just remove the sheet at the end of the wash and throw it in the trash.


Away from children. Contains cellulase. May cause an allergic reaction.

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